Welcome to White Peach Cottage!

I invite you to step inside the cottage and have a look around. I think you'll enjoy your visit.

I started WhitePeachCottage on Etsy, (and Pattern), in 2016. I originally was going to sell crocheted scarves, silverware jewelry, guitar pick jewelry, and chain maille items. Some of that worked...most of it, not so much.

Then a friend asked me to make him a rosary, and the rest is history! Lol. I started gathering supplies, tools, books, and ideas. I started with Catholic rosaries, then branched out to different kinds of prayer beads, both religious and secular. Today I make about a dozen different kinds, as well as prayer bracelets.

I have added lots of different items to my shop, and I'm proud to say, I have a somewhat eclectic mix of items for sale. Very eclectic. From BDSM day collars to steampunk jewelry, alcohol ink jewelry, lots of Goth items, pagan items, LGBTQ stuff, D and D dice and jewelry, Morse Code jewelry, bangles, etc. I have about 2,500 listings today. Most have multiple items in each listing.

I named my shop White Peach Cottage for several reasons.

* My Daddy, who passed away in 2019, had a white peach tree that came up volunteer in the woods near our house. It had white blossoms as well as white peaches. I was told by a Horticulturist at the USDA here in Georgia that most peach trees have pink blossoms. Some have pink blossoms and "regular" peach-colored fruit Some trees bloom white but are ornamental. He said it was rare to have a tree that both bloomed white and had edible white-fleshed fruit. He took cuttings and seeds back to the station and was going to see if they would continue to be true white peach trees. It was called the Brooks White Peach. The Horticulturist died, and I don't know what became of the project. Anyway, I digress...

* I lived in England for several years and was fascinated with the Country cottages with their thatched roofs and beautiful gardens.

*And, I am a born and bred Georgia Peach.

And that's where the inspiration for the name came from!

I hope to make regular blog posts with:

+ insights into my creative process,  

+ photos,

+ ideas for future projects,

+ links to websites with information and history of some of the items I make, like prayer beads, pendulums, LGBTQ pride flag jewelry, Morse Code jewelry, etc.

+ lots of photos and videos, (once I figure out how),

+ and lots more. 

Many times, people buy things like Pagan prayer beads or religious rosaries, or various crystals, and they want information on how to get started using them. I can add a lot more information here for reference and it won't make my product descriptions too "busy".

I'm really excited to tell you more about myself, my family and pets, my insights, my ideas, and how I create, market, and package my items.

Please bear with me here. We'll learn together. I'm not a very techy person. But I hope you'll look around, maybe find something you like, and come back to visit again. The Cottage is always open.

Hugs and Peaches!